Our Technology

Modular and innovative EV station design

Our Technology

All our stations are built with a modular approach to both the infrastructure and technology hardware. Depending on the application, all stations will be equipped with either 50kW, 150kW, or 350kW chargers. These can be easily upgraded without replacing the charging unit, only an additional power cabinet is needed to be connected to the system, keeping costs to a minimum and avoiding  early hardware obsolescence other operators will soon face - leaving you with a totally future-proof EV Charging Station.


What does this all mean?

At 150KW, an EV would be able to add around 60 miles range in 10 minutes. At 350KW, you could add 60 miles range in just 4 minutes!


The EVN Vision...

  • Coverage - We are building a UK-wide networkCoverage - We are building a UK-wide network
  • Speed - 50kW-350kW charging powerSpeed - 50kW-350kW charging power
  • 100% Renewable - We only use clean energy100% Renewable - We only use clean energy

Our mission