Market Information

A number of disruptive forces are fundamentally transforming how people and goods move, presenting opportunities within the electric vehicle value chain

Electric vehicle adoption

Since the UK Government’s proposed 2040 ban on ICE vehicle sales, EV adoption has grown rapidly. According to KPMG this will translate into a 69% EV market share of new vehicle sales and a 20% share of Vehicle parc by 2030.

Charging behaviour

Charging behaviour is expected to change over time as adoption grows for those without off-street parking, personal car ownership declines and vehicles are able to take ultra-fast charging. This will result in a growth in public/hub charging demand.

Regional disparities

A one size fits all approach to EV charging will not work. Therefore, charging models will need to reflect local area dynamics.

Policy Support

UK and EU policy support will play a key role, particularly emissions standards and Government’s approach to funding EV infrastructure. As of 2019, the “Road to Zero” plan involves a £400m fund for charging infrastructure.

The EVN Vision...

  • Coverage - We are building a UK-wide networkCoverage - We are building a UK-wide network
  • Speed - 50kW-350kW charging powerSpeed - 50kW-350kW charging power
  • 100% Renewable - We only use clean energy100% Renewable - We only use clean energy

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