We are developing the necessary infrastructure for EV charging operators to build a network of stations where all EVs can be charged. Utilising power from 100% renewable sources, as well as battery storage technology, enables our clients to offer EV drivers the fastest possible charge, whilst providing a truly GREEN mobility solution

The Bigger Picture...

We aim to help our clients to roll out a global network of ultra-fast EV charging stations in order to drive the adoption of Electric Vehicles and reduce driver's range anxiety, all leading towards a zero-carbon future. Our client's stations are fully future-proofed and feature the latest in EV charging technology and battery storage. 

...But For Now

We currently have over 1000 plus prime locations secured for the development of EV charging stations. Our team of experts are continuously sourcing and qualifying new locations. Our design team have created multiple standardised designs for various applications including: highway stations, retail park stations, and private fleet charging facilities. Want to help us get there? Please visit our host a station page to get involved. 

Our combination of the latest EV charging hardware, software, battery storage, and smart technologies enables all Electric Vehicles to be charged in the shortest possible time, getting EV drivers back on the road in a flash.