Battery Storage

Benefits of battery storage:

Battery storage assets will be located near towns and major roads powering EV charging and nearby commercial and industrial clients.

  • Reduced size of required grid connection.
  • Reduced cost of grid connection.
  • Allows for DC-DC charging—much quicker than AC-DC charging. Imagine the speed difference in charging your mobile phone from a portable battery pack compared to a wall plug.
  • Offers the National Grid a solution to an Increasingly unstable grid network.
  • Grid services offering: Enhanced Frequency Response (EFR), Peak Shaving & Capacity, FFR & Demand Response, Arbitrage, Backup power, Active Triad Management



The EVN Vision...

  • Coverage - We are building a UK-wide networkCoverage - We are building a UK-wide network
  • Speed - 50kW-350kW charging powerSpeed - 50kW-350kW charging power
  • 100% Renewable - We only use clean energy100% Renewable - We only use clean energy

Our mission