Battery Storage


  • We are partnered with Europe’s largest battery manufacturer—Leclanché,  a 109 year old Swiss public company.
  • Leclanché designs, develops and manufactures customized energy storage solutions.
  • Experts in energy storage, with a focus on strategic growth markets.
  • Powering clean, intelligent energy for the future of EV charging.

Benefits of battery storage:

  • Reduced size of required grid connection.
  • Reduced cost of grid connection.
  • Allows for DC-DC charging—much quicker than AC-DC charging. Imagine the speed difference in charging your mobile phone from a portable battery pack compared to a wall plug.
  • Offers the National Grid a solution to an Increasingly unstable grid network.
  • Allows ‘grid services’ to be performed —e.g. Arbitrage allows for electricity to be purchased and stored at low tariff rates and sold during times of high demand.



The EVN Vision...



  • 1 National Coverage Across the UK
  • 2 Fastest Charging Speed 150kW+
  • 3 Using 100% Renewable Energy & Battery Storage

Our mission