For CPO's

The EV Network’s fully-funded EV charging solution allows Charge Point Operators to expand their network without facing the upfront capex

Our Offering To You

The EV Network provides a turnkey solution to CPOs through a range of services, from initial site identification, to development, construction and providing a long-term, low cost of capital financing package to enable the transfer of ready-to-go sites to CPOs.

The EV Network has developed a large pipeline of strategic locations across the UK and Europe with high quality Site Hosts ensuring CPOs receive premium sites that meet their requirements. The EV Network solution is fully funded and requires no capex from the CPO. In return, the CPO pays a quarterly service fee that includes all development costs, capex, operations & maintenance, Site Host rent, and a technology refresh at year 10.

Our low cost of capital and long-term view on returns allows the service fee to be discounted in the initial years allowing the CPO to benefit while EV utilisation is low. This helps to give the CPO significantly greater financial benefit than if it invested its own capex.

Charge Points will be installed to meet the CPOs specification (e.g. power and manufacturer). They will also be branded with the CPOs requirements.

If you are a CPO looking to expand your network of Charge Points, please contact us.

The EVN Way...

  • Coverage - We are building a UK-wide networkCoverage - We are building a UK-wide network
  • Speed - 50kW-350kW charging powerSpeed - 50kW-350kW charging power
  • Fully Funded – no upfront CAPEX requirementsFully Funded – no upfront CAPEX requirements

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