ELEKTRA developed by The EV Network is the future of refuelling your car. ELEKTRA is a fully integrated EV forecourt and super-hub offering ultra-fast charging to all types of EVs. ELEKTRA offers fast charging in a relaxed and welcoming environment while your EV is being charged. Integrating solar PV, smart grid and battery storage makes ELEKTRA the most advanced e-forecourt of the future. ELEKTRA is the new generation of filling station conceived out of extensive research undertaken by The EV Network. Elektra is designed with the EV driver in mind for an exceptional customer experience.

Key Features

  • Fully integrated EV forecourts and super-hubs
  • Modular design with 12 to 24 high-powered state of the art chargers
  • 24/7 access for private or fleet EVs
  • Integrated energy storage, solar PV roof & smart grid system
  • High-end executive lounge and retail environment
  • Interactive advertising screens
  • A safe and welcoming charging destination 
  • Future proof infrastructure & design with sustainability in mind
  • Long-term lease or freehold sites in strategic locations ready to construct

Elektra e-forecourt

Elektra S

Elektra Hub

Elektra M

The EVN Way...

  • Coverage - We are building a UK-wide networkCoverage - We are building a UK-wide network
  • Speed - 50kW-350kW charging powerSpeed - 50kW-350kW charging power
  • Fully Funded – no upfront CAPEX requirementsFully Funded – no upfront CAPEX requirements

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