Conference & Exhibition: E-Mobility Reinvented

Berlin, Germany, 11-12 April 2018

Conference & Exhibition: E-Mobility Reinvented

Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing will reveal the latest advances and newest roadmaps in this radically changing industry. We balance the presentations from the giants with new faces revealing important breakthroughs. IDTechEx finds the companies and researchers that break the mould.

What to Expect Identify rich pickings for chemicals and intermediate materials suppliers and others. Understand disruptive change from:

  • Forthcoming energy independent vehicles (EIVs)
  • Totally new energy storage and other components
  • Merging of systems and structural electronics

So what is changing?

This year the changes are even more staggering. We present a newly powerful transition: 48V mild hybrids. In the past they have been an incremental improvement on conventional powertrains not really meeting the definition of an EV with electric traction some or all of the time.

No more: this year 48V torque assist, distributed "electric machines", electric supercharging and multiple energy harvesting is leading to engine downsizing and downspeeding. These powertrains now face huge rollouts from 2017. The emissions reduction, improved driveability and added features from a host of new 48V parts excites most OEMs racing to market. This will squeeze strong hybrid cars, trucks, buses and more: most of the functions and the demanded emissions reduction at under half price.

Can you afford to miss it?

Main conference sessions will cover energy storage: advanced batteries, including what comes after lithium-ion, fuel cell rollouts, and supercapacitors.

New End Game: Energy Independent Vehicles EIV - pure electric that never plug in including solar minibuses that wake up with the sun and aircraft that stay aloft for five years. It is all here, with emphasis on the 15 year roadmap and best practice whether it is first seen underwater, on a dirt track or elsewhere. Researchers, companies and countries in the lead? Come and find out.

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