Conference: Energy Transitions 2018

London, 19-20 March 2018

Conference: Energy Transitions 2018


Transformational change and technological innovation coupled with recent political transitions have caused many to reassess the most important drivers and steps on the road towards affordable, reliable and sustainable energy internationally. 

Increasingly, hydrocarbon producers are adapting their business models, utilities are adopting new practices and infrastructures, and downstream technologies are empowering consumers towards greater efficiencies. Progress is clear, but questions remain across the energy supply chain with regard to the most effective measures, the respective roles of different actors, and the specific obstacles that economies and sectors will face in the accelerating energy transition.  

In this context, the third annual Chatham House Energy Transitions conference will bring together leading policy-makers, business leaders and industry experts to explore: 

  • How does the world access and use energy?  Where can different technological innovations be most effectively harnessed?  What are the risks? 
  • What impact will recent political transitions have on future global energy governance? In its absence, what are the opportunities for alternative leadership? 
  • Where in the energy supply chain is there the greatest potential for gains, across producers, distributors and consumers? How can these gains be practically realised? 
  • Which measures are most effective in closing the investment gap? 
  • Is full electrification realisable? Is it desirable? 
  • How can governments and businesses facilitate transitions whilst causing minimal disruption? What are the implications across competitiveness, resource stability and growth?  

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