The Need For Infrastructure

The UK Government has set out its vision to become the world leader in the electrification of transport by:

  • Ending the sale of all new petrol & diesel vehicles by 2040
  • Creating a £400m ‘Charging Investment Infrastructure Fund’
  • Providing an extra £100m to guarantee the continuation of the Plug-In Car Grant to 2020


Most major car manufacturers have announced plans to sell only electric, or electrified vehicles by certain dates:

  • Daimler—entire line electrified by 2022
  • JLR—entire line electrified by 2020
  • Volvo—entire line electrified by 2019
  • VW—80 new electric models by 2025

The EVN Vision...



  • 1 National Coverage Across the UK
  • 2 Fastest Charging Speed 150kW+
  • 3 Using 100% Renewable Energy & Battery Storage

Our mission