Vattenfall charges into the UK electric vehicle market

Posted 4 June 2018

The utility plans to launch its unique InCharge product in June, a concept which allows any EV driver to take advantage of its charging points, regardless of car type.

InCharge has been in operation in Sweden since 2016 and this latest move is part of an existing roll-out in northern Europe, including Germany and the Netherlands. Across all three countries it operates 9,000 charging points.

The company will work with commercial developers, public bodies, and industry, among others, to install charging points across Britain by the second half of this year.

Magnus Hall, Vattenfall’s President and CEO, said: “Vattenfall strongly believes that the best way to make transport fossil free in a generation is to go electric. That’s why we are rolling out the open and driver friendly InCharge across north western Europe. We are in Britain to grow, and GB’s electric vehicle ambitions are a perfect fit with our smart, digitalised and low carbon electric vehicle strategy.” 

Vattenfall’s entrance into the UK is timed to take advantage of the burgeoning EV market, which is going from strength to strength.

There are an estimated 150,000 electric vehicles registered in the UK. The market has grown precipitously in recent years. Latest industry figures show that registrations grew by 11 percent in the past year alone, and much more is expected.

The government is seeking to ban all petrol and diesel cars by 2040, and sales are already in decline.

Tomas Björnsson, Vattenfall’s Head of E-mobility, added: “We have big ambitions for rolling out InCharge in GB. Its early days for our market entry but we know from our success in growing the EV market in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden – and recent rapid growth in low carbon transport in GB – that we have a strong offer to make to the British driver.

“Many charging poles in Britain are closed to a select number of users. We don’t think that will help grow the British electric vehicle market as fast as is needed. That’s why we believe it is beneficial if both public and business-owned semi-public charging infrastructure can be made available for all drivers.”

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