At The EV Network, we are the driving force behind Electric Vehicle infrastructure

Who We Are

We are developing the necessary infrastructure to build a network of EV charging stations where all EVs can charge. Utilising power from 100% renewable sources, battery storage and smart technologies will enable us to charge EVs in the shortest possible time offering a true GREEN mobility solution.

What We Do 

The EV Network provides a turnkey solution to EV charging operators through a range of services, helping to put your business at the forefront of e-mobility. For a more detailed overview about what we can offer you, take a look at our services page.

Our combination of the latest EV charging hardware, software, battery storage, and smart technologies enables all Electric Vehicles to be charged in the shortest possible time, getting your customers back on the road in a flash. 

All EV Network charging locations are able to run on 100% renewable energy due to our strategic partnerships with clean energy producers, meaning you can offer your customers a truly environmentally friendly charging solution!

What we can offer...

  • 1 10 fully developed sites by Q3 2018
  • 2 50 fully developed sites by 2020
  • 3 200 fully developed sites by 2025

Our mission