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We are a leading independent EV charging infrastructure development company

Who We Are

Founded in 2017, The EV Network (EVN) is a leading independent EV charging infrastructure development company. EVN’s mission is to address the challenges faced by both charge point operators (CPOs) and landlords in rolling out a network of rapid and ultra-fast EV charging stations in the UK.

Over the past five years EVN has carefully selected and secured the very best sites in the UK, seizing first- mover advantage in what has become an increasingly competitive UK market. Through our strong relationships with high quality CPOs and landlords, The EV Network has become a distinguished player in the EV charging market able to provide our partners with fully funded bespoke technology and service solutions. Thanks to this early investment in intensive network planning, EVN is set to lead the roll out of the UK fast charging EV charging market.

  • Our model is based on ‘Infrastructure as a service’ (IaaS). A turn-key EV charging site delivery solution. Consolidating multiple interfaces on behalf of the client and decreasing cost. EVN’s unique and simple model uses its investment and asset company to fully fund the entire capital costs of site development, allowing CPOs, Operators and Landlords the ability to introduce charging infrastructure to the UK consumer whilst managing their own capital
  • We have raised £300m to develop and build a network of high-powered public chargers, and a further £100m to buy suitable freehold sites
  • Our funding solution covers the entire CAPEX of the project including new grid connection and any retail operation
  • With our funding model CPOs can increase their network without increasing their investment
  • Landlords benefit from market-competitive long-term leases with a strong counterparty

Highly experienced management team

The founders and management team bring a unique combination of a strong and successful global track record in greenfield development in conjunction with financial investment expertise in green mobility, expertise on the EV industry, renewables and the wider energy infrastructure space.

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The driving force behind EV charging infrastructure

  • Coverage


    We are building a UK-wide network

  • Speed


    50kW-350kW charging power

  • Fully Funded

    Fully Funded

    No upfront CAPEX requirements

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