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The EV Network focus on charging infrastructure in depot and strategic private charging hub locations, allowing you to keep your fleet on the road

Key benefits to Fleets and Fleet Managers

We understand the capital requirement needed to transition not only an entire fleet of vehicles, but implementing a suitable chargng infrastructure, whether thats depot or on-the-go

We also understand that one size doesnt fit all and the blend of depot, home, workplace and on-the-go charging has to be considered when needing to keep your fleet moving

At EVN we offer a wide range of services that can support and speed up the strategic transition of your fleet, by smoothing out the capital requirement and sourcing you suitable locations for charging hubs and other services you require

A fully funded solution

EVN will fund 100% of the development, construction and maintenance costs. Depot sites transition or on-the-go private charging hubs are built to the fleet specifications, enabling the operator to engage in the transition to electrification with an independent supplier

End-to-end service solution

We are highly experienced in delivering electrification projects across the UK from site identification to completion. Our turn-key solution allows any fleet or facilities teams to focus on their core business

At EVN we remove multiple interfaces with contractors, manufacturers and funders

Tailor-made solutions

We will work with you to optimise the solution, from facilities management for depot or landlord/lease basis for private hubs, through to fully managed CPO services. Operators can choose the engagement level, from hands-off - to hands-on. Joining the EV charging revolution, without the constraints of fuel or exclusivity partner deals

Profiled service fee

Traditionally for depots and geographically located private charging hubs, the capital requirement is immediate and reduces investment levels in the core element of fleet services, the vehicles

At EVN with our fully funded solution, we are able to smooth this process and fund the entire infrastricture, creating a single service fee inclusive of all development, EPC, maintenance costs and land rent

This enables you to break capital requirement into three core periods. First Period, the service fee is lowered to help the transitional process. The second period, service fees increase, to secondary rate and the final period, following the charge point review and refresh the service fee is fixed for the remainder of the contract

Future proof

We only use the best-in-class technology,  upgrade the grid connection for tomorrow’s demands today to avoid future disruption and use appropriately powered chargers for efficiency and turn around speeds

We will build in regular technology reviews, an annual strategy session and a ten year hardware refresh enabling your teams to benefit from the latest technology

Our Focus

We don’t need to tell you what you know!

  • We focus on charging infrastructure in depot and strategic B2B Hub locations
  • We understand the infrastructure requirements, charging types and models for all EV vehicle types and can source energy management, battery and solar
  • We will work with you to understand the geographic requirements of your fleet and source suitable locations
  • We appreciate capital expenditure, that’s why we will invest in your infrastructure and smooth out the capital process

If you are a Fleet or Facilities Manager looking to for support on transitioning your fleet, please contact us today

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    We are building a UK-wide network

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    50kW-350kW charging power

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    Fully Funded

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