Joining the EVN Team

Posted 5 September 2023

Joining the EVN Team

Stephanie joins EVN with over a decade of knowledge and experience in the real estate market.

After graduating from Aberdeen with a Master of Arts in Real estate and economics, started out as a surveyor but quickly gained experience focussing on commercial real estate.

Over the years, working with several reputable firms UK wide, Stephanie has been successful bringing her extensive experience, drive, and ambition, to create a number of winning partnerships and commercial business successes.

Stephanie has experience in the EV marketplace and joins EVN as the Managing Director – Real Estate to bring her professional passions together.


Latest News

The Future of EV Infrastructure - Hosted by The EV Network

28 November 2023

The Future of EV Infrastructure - Hosted by The EV Network

The Future of EV Infrastructure Breakfast, hosted by The EV Network A great start to a day inviting the new Transport Minister for Decarbonisation and Technology, Anthony Brown MP to meet some of our CPO, investors, and real estate partners. Some interesting conversations and debates.

Our Latest Arrival

24 November 2023

Our Latest Arrival

What a lovely addition to EVN Services own fleet, proudly modelling its new colours. The id Buzz rolls into action next week. At EVN we are constantly looking to ensure we are working towards net zero and improving elements from supply chain to construction. What a cool way to help us push towards a zero emissions future as we adopt more EV's into the workforce.

Electrify Your Profits and Sustainability with The EV Network

25 October 2023

Electrify Your Profits and Sustainability with The EV Network

By 2035, the manufacture of petrol cars in the UK will be prohibited by law. Undoubtedly, this policy brings about an exciting change, where sustainability is not just a buzzword but a crucial driver of business success, and so commercial property owners find themselves at a crossroads.

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